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We are Elettra & Tomas, harnessing our abilities to craft digital products, experiences, and art, allowing diversity to enrich us at every turn. We undertake this endeavor with the right amount of time because we understand that each day presents an opportunity to infuse a touch of beauty into the world. Whether beauty is considered an objective, subjective matter, or both, it remains a constant guiding our thoughts and actions. We strive for harmony, dialogue, and trust, deeming them indispensable elements for a fruitful collaboration.

We begin each time with a connection, a human connection. By sharing ideas, we lay the foundations for tailor made projects, finding genuinely creative and functional solutions. We collaborate with clients of diverse backgrounds who resonate with our values, perspective, and ethos.


Our experience and many brainstorming are the starting point for designing long-lasting solutions. Thinking, for us, is not an abstract word, but the gateway to a creative language suitable for every project.


We create and develop concrete experiences following our knowledge, our intuition and the needs of the customer, showing how each brand can always tend and develop upwards. We create real solutions that really speak to other people.

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We help brands and individuals in discovering a new perspective. Every day, we brainstorm and create optimal solutions from diverse viewpoints to aid brands in telling their stories in a manner that truly reflects their essence.


We are committed to education because we believe it fosters awareness and knowledge — two essential ingredients for understanding how to navigate and develop critical and creative thinking.

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Beauty and quality require the right amount of time to be conceived and realized, even in a world that is in too much of a hurry. If lightness is not superficiality, time is not slowness but rather the essential ingredient to create value.



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